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Electroporation Systems

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Electroporation System Description

When you are choosing an electroporation system for your laboratory, you will want to consider a range of factors. Consider how you are going to be using the product, the range of cell numbers that can be used, along with the versatility of the system. What types of cells will it work best with, for example? Additionally, you want to be sure you are working with a system that is going to be nice and simple to use.

How electroporation systems work

The cells are placed in a suspension, which is then introduced to the system and the electrostatic field is applied to it. The technique has been used for a range of different purposes and has become a popular method for introducing various types of molecules to different types of cells including bacterial, plant, yeast, insect, and mammal.

About electroporation systems

In biology, electroporation is a technique that applies an electrical field to cells. This will make it easier for other elements, whether they are chemicals, drugs, or even DNA to be introduced to the cells thanks to the increased permeability of the cell membrane. The electroporation systems that are available help to make it easy to create the electrostatic field with the cell solution.

Electroporation System Manufacturers

A number of companies are making these electroporation systems for the lab today including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bio-Rad, VWR, and BTX.

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