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Environmental Chamber Description

When you are renting an environmental chamber, you need to think about the types of samples and specimens you will be using, as well as the full parameter and scope of your experiment. What temperatures will you need to use? What other elements are essential in terms of environmental controls? Make sure that you choose a chamber that is capable of offering you the size and space that you need, along with easy to use controls as well. A KWIPPED supplier will be able to give specific product descriptions  to find the best environmental chamber for your needs.

Features of environmental chambers

The size and the complexity of environmental chambers can vary quite a bit. Some of the machines are small and they will sit on a bench top. Others are large walk-in structures. Most of the chambers will have viewing ports so that the technician can observe what’s happening to the sample. Some of the chambers have interior lighting. Since this can increase the temperature of the chamber, they compensate for the added heat. Many different types of control schemes are available for the chambers. Some of them are very simple analog controls and indicators. Others have LCD displays and digital readouts.

How environmental chambers work

environmental chamber rentalThe environmental chamber, which can vary in size, allows the users to alter the conditions within the device. This lets them replicate a number of different environmental possibilities. This includes extreme heat or cold, fast and extreme variations in the temperature, changes in humidity, rain, weathering, UV degradation, vacuum, and more. The items to be tested are placed in the chamber and are then subjected to one or more different environmental conditions.

About environmental chambers

An environmental chamber is an enclosure that is used for testing the effects that different types of environmental conditions have on specimens. Another term commonly used for these devices is climate chambers. It is possible to use them on specimens alone to find out the effects of an environmental condition, or to use them to prepare the specimens for further tests. Three different types of these chambers are available. They include mechanically cooled, liquid nitrogen cooled, and modular walk in.

Environmental Chamber Applications

  • Biological 
  • Industrial
  • Electronic devices and components

Environmental Chamber Manufacturers

  • Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc.
  • Russell’s Technical Products
  • Hastest Solutions, Inc.
  • Weiss Environtronics
  • Thermal Product Solutions
  • Eckel Noise Control Technologies

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