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FPLC System Description

FPLC, or fast protein liquid chromatography, is a type of medium pressure chromatography. In order to do this, you need to have a pump that will control the speed of the mobile phase as it passes through the stationary phase. This has been around since 1982, when it was developed to by Pharmacia, and in that time there have been a number of different systems developed to perform this action.

Features of fplc systems

This type of system will usually include a pump, as well as a UV detector and a connectivity meter. In addition, there is a fraction collector. The typical operating pressure is around 3500 psi. Some of the options on the market have columns which involves. These will let the user switch between columns. Others may have for blending valves and some may have sample pumps.

When loading samples into the machine, they are generally loaded into the sample pump, or they can be added manually. It will generally depend on the type of machine you have at your disposal. Some of the machines utilize multi-wavelength detectors. This will allow them to monitor sample elution and a number of different wavelengths.

For those labs that work with chromogenic or fluorescently tagged proteins, this could be very helpful.
Some of the devices will also have a monitor or a recorder. In the old systems, there was usually a chart recorder. However, in the systems that are available today, it is generally a computer that has an interface and a display, and that records the information. This tends to make things much easier for those in the lab.

Choosing the FPLC System
Even though there are a number of similarities between the various FPLC systems on the market today, and they tend to work in a very similar fashion there will likely be some differences in the control scheme in the readouts. While these differences might be slight, it is still important to check all of the features and options for the systems and machines are thinking of renting before you make your choice. In addition, you will want to consider the footprint of the machine to make sure it will work well in the lab space where you plan to utilize it.

FPLC System Manufacturers

Quite a few companies are making these types of machines today. Pharmacia is still making the machines. Other manufacturers include AKTA and Fischer.

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