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Glassware Washers/Dryer Description

You have to consider a range of things when you are choosing this equipment for your lab. The first and foremost that should be on your mind is the amount of space your lab has available for these machines. Knowing how much space you have available is going to determine the capacity of the machine, along with the dimensions, and the type of machine.

There are a many types of glassware washers and dryers available today including the standalone, large units, as well as the undercounter units. They are available in various sizes and capacities. In addition, there are smaller portable types that could work well for your lab if you have limited space.

Some of the other important factors that you are going to need to consider is the type of cleaning mechanism that is being used, and the washing temperature range. In some cases, you might need to have cleaning temperatures that are quite high, so make sure that it can provide the heat that you need. Additionally, check to see what type of drying method it offers, and how loud the machine might be.

Features of glassware washers/dryers

If you have a lab that is anything like most other laboratories out there, then you probably go through a substantial amount of glassware on a daily basis. Beakers, tubes, and more are part of the equipment in the lab that tends to get used regularly, and this means that you need to have a good and viable way of washing those items and getting them dry. Choosing to have glassware washers and dryers in the lab can be a fantastic way to do this, and they have some great benefits.

About glassware washers/dryers

Consider just how long it is typically going to take to continually clean the lab glassware by hand whenever it is used. The flasks, cylinders, beakers and other items are going to need to be cleaned properly and thoroughly, and researchers might not always have time to do that right away. With the glassware washer and dryer setup, it makes getting the items clean much faster and easier, and it allows the researchers to do other things while the machines go to work. This has the potential to make the entire lab more productive.

Glassware Washers/Dryer Manufacturers

Some of the many companies that are manufacturing glassware washers and dryers include National, Labconco, SciCan Hydrim, Fisher Scientific, and Miele.

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