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Liquid Nitrogen Freezers

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Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Description

When you are looking for a liquid nitrogen freezer, it is very important that you choose an item that is for the specific use of storing this substance. Never store it in a container that doesn’t have the correct ratings for the job. When you are choosing a freezer, consider the size of the freezer and compare it with how much room you have and how many samples you will need to put into it at once. To determine the best option for your location, take some time to research your needs before submitting your request for quotes from the KWIPPED supplier network.

Features of liquid nitrogen freezers

The dewar is a non-pressurized container. These can vary in size from around five liters up to 200 liters. It’s possible to remove the samples from small dewars by pouring out the liquid. Larger units would need to make use of a transfer tube. The cryogenic liquid cylinders are pressurized and insulated. They feature safety relief valves, as well as rupture disks. They tend to hold between 80 and 450 liters of liquid. The storage tanks are common, and they most closely resemble freezers. They can be cylindrical in shape, and are usually mounted in a stationary location.

How liquid nitrogen freezers work

liquid nitrogen freezer rentalThe liquid nitrogen is used to keep the freezer cold. You will then be able to place your samples inside of the freezer to preserve them. Depending on the type of samples you are trying to preserve, you can keep them cooled by liquid nitrogen for hundreds of days. Because liquid nitrogen has the potential to be dangerous, anyone who is using the freezer needs to take proper precautions to reduce the risk of injury. Caution will also help to preserve the samples and ensure there is no contamination.

About liquid nitrogen freezers

Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold, and that makes it a perfect solution for storing many different types of samples in the laboratory and in medical clinics. Liquid nitrogen can be stored in several different types of containers, including a cryogenic storage tank, a cryogenic liquid cylinder, and a dewar. Each of these is different, and you may see several different containers that could work for your applications.

Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Applications

  • Biochemical industry
  • Medical industry
  • Research

Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Manufacturers

  • Thermo Scientific
  • Taylor Wharton
  • Custom Biogenic Systems
  • Panasonic Healthcare

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