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Liquid Nitrogen Reservoir Description

As with the freezers, you need to make sure that you are choosing a liquid nitrogen reservoir that is capable of meeting your needs. Consider the size of the container, as well as the number of samples that it will be able to hold. You might find that you are in need of renting several of these reservoirs to meet your needs. If you have a specific product question, a KWIPPED supplier will happily help you. They can help you choose the best liquid nitrogen reservoirs for your needs.

Features of liquid nitrogen reservoirs

Typically, the canisters for holding liquid nitrogen are made from steel or aluminum. There are many sizes available with these reservoirs, as well as a number of different styles from various manufacturers. They are solidly built, and they have easy to open tops for access to the samples that you place within them. Though the tops are easy to open, they are generally lockable as well, which helps to increase the safety and to ensure there is no contamination.

How liquid nitrogen reservoirs work

liquid nitrogen reservoir rentalsThe containers, or reservoirs, are specially made in order to contain the liquid nitrogen safely. The size of the reservoirs can vary a bit, but they are generally large enough to contain several samples at a minimum. You can simply place your samples that you need to preserve and keep cold into the reservoir and then close it up again. The samples will stay safe and in great shape for a long time.

About liquid nitrogen reservoirs

Liquid nitrogen is an important part of many different laboratory settings in a host of different industries. It’s very important that you have a safe and simple method of keeping your liquid nitrogen safe and ready to use. A reservoir rental or lease is a fantastic option. A number of different types of reservoirs are available, including vacuum insulated options. This ensures that the inside of the tank, where you have your liquid nitrogen and samples, is always at the correct temperature, and that the outside of the container does not become too cold.

Liquid Nitrogen Reservoir Applications

  • Chemical industry
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Metal fabrication

Liquid Nitrogen Reservoir Manufacturers

  • Cryofab
  • Field Industries
  • Universal Industrial Gases
  • United Industries Group
  • Columbia Metal Spinning
  • Thermo Scientific
  • Taylor Wharton

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