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Ultrasonic Cleaner Description

Many different industries are able to benefit from having an ultrasonic cleaner as part of their setup. If you would like to rent or lease one of these items, make sure that you consider the number of items that you will need to clean regularly and choose a unit that’s large enough to accommodate that number. You might find that you need to have more than one of the units. If you have questions about which of the a specific product or unit, a KWIPPED supplier will be able to assist you.

Features of ultrasonic cleaners

The ultrasonic cleaner will have a cavity in the center where you will place the solvent and then the item that you need to clean. Most of the units will have a lid that will close over the device and ensure there is no spillage. The ultrasonic cleaner will have a control panel as well. This panel is generally very easy to use. You can see the frequency and the amount of time for the cleaning.

How ultrasonic cleaners work

ultrasonic cleaner rentalYou will place the item that you need to clean into the ultrasonic cleaner. You will also place the solution into the cleaner. Again, this could be tap water, but for greater effect, you will likely want to use a better quality solvent. You can then turn on the machine and set the frequency and the time. Most of the time, it is possible to clean the items in between three to six minutes. However, the cycle can last much longer based on the object you are cleaning.

About ultrasonic cleaners

An ultrasonic cleaner is a device that makes use of ultrasound, typically between 20 and 400 kHz, as well as a cleaning solvent, in order to clean various types of items. Depending on what it is that you are cleaning, you may need to use a specialized solution, or you may simply be able to use regular tap water for the job. Using a solvent will generally improve the effect. They are in use in many different industries today, including jewelry and optics cleaning.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Applications

  • Jewelry cleaning
  • Optics cleaning
  • Electronic repair workshops
  • Many laboratory uses
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Engineering
  • Weapons

Ultrasonic Cleaner Manufacturers

  • Jensen Aqueous Cleaning Systems
  • Stoelting Cleaning Equipment
  • ESMA, Inc.
  • Ultrasonic Power Corporattion
  • Jayco Cleaning Technologies
  • JRI Industries
  • Omegasonics

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