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Vision Measurement System Description

Highly accurate measurement is important in a number of different industries, and many times, you want to have a noncontact system of measurement. Using vision measurement systems is one of the best options available. The systems that are available today are accurate and offer fast measurements for many metrology applications.

Some of the systems on the market today have multisensory technology. This means they are capable of taking vision only measurements of items, as well as other types of contact measurements. This provides the users with more flexibility as they can take multiple types of measurements from a single machine. The optical, or vision measurement systems help to ensure not only accuracy, but also nondestructive measurements.

Features of vision measurement systems

One of the first things you have to consider when you are choosing a vision measurement system is what type of measurements you will be taking. If you are only going to be taking measurements optically, then you may not need to look for a unit that has multiple types of sensors. However, those who may have a number of different types of measurements to take, as often happens in the field of metrology, a multi-sensor system might be the best solution.

Something else to consider when you are choosing your measurement system is just how much space it will take up. Some of the smaller models may fit on the desktop. However, there are larger units available as well.

How vision measurement systems work

The vision measurement systems are available in many different models and from a number of manufacturers. This means that even though the machines will work similarly, they will have different feature and options on them. The machines that only include vision measurement utilize lasers to achieve their results. Those that have other forms of measurement devices on them could also have probes, for example.

The systems generally have an easy to use control panel and readout display. The learning curve will differ between the various machines and systems, naturally.

Vision Measurement System Manufacturers

Many well-known manufacturers are making these types of systems today. A few of the most popular brands on the market include Hexagon, Hammond, Nikon Metrology, and GOM.

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