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Acuity System Description

Acuity systems are the most direct and up-front way for the ophthalmologist or examiner to be able to gauge the eyesight of the patient. If the patient is struggling to read one of the rows of letters on the screen, it is an excellent way to judge what level of eyesight they may possess. It is also informational for diagnostic purposes as well, as some levels of acuity systems can determine if there are other abnormalities in the eye other than poor eyesight. 

Features of acuity systems

Acuity systems include modernized charts, usually on a screen or monitor. These charts can also be accompanied by images, groups of text, and other information for the patient to read.

Most automated acuity systems come with a wireless remote control that can help to choose which image the ophthalmologist wants to display on the screen. That way, the eye exam can continue uninterrupted as the patient reads the acuity systems to the best of their ability. There is also a way to account for direct or mirrored viewing, which can be useful for other parts of the eye exam. Acuity systems are often used in post-op examinations as well, to determine the effects of the operation and eyesight. 

How acuity systems work

Acuity systems are composed of all the classic elements of a traditional eye exam. A gathering of charts, images, colors, patterns, and optotypes are put together in a unique way for the patient to read. They can be hung on the wall or projected by a monitor so that it is easy for the patient as well as the ophthalmologist to see at all times.

Most modern acuity systems come with the monitor and projection capabilities. The ophthalmologist can also choose to install a mirror on the other side of the room, where the letters are reflected right-side up using a special device in the system. That way, the patient can see the letters no matter what side of the room they are on. 

About acuity systems

Visual acuity testing systems are automatic and electronic systems that offer the same comprehensive abilities as a traditional exam system, but with updated features and specifications to meet the modern demands of the ophthalmology office. This is the most standard of testing machines for any eye exam. 

Acuity System Manufacturers

  • MediWorks
  • Reichert
  • Marco
  • Topcon
  • Ezer
  • Farber
  • DAS

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