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Audio Description

When renting audio gear for the film you are making, make sure that you have all of the gear you will need. Make sure that you have the right mixers and recorders to get clean audio when you are initially recording. This will result in fewer redubs later in the studio. In addition, make sure that you have a high quality studio mixer so you can get your sound just right for the film. In addition, make sure that you have quality microphones that are able to capture voices without gathering all of the background noise. If you have specific questions about what you should rent, a KWIPPED supplier will be able to assist you.

Features of audio

Because so many different pieces of equipment fall into the category of audio, you will find there are no features that are going to be the same on every single item. The mixers will have a variety of different controls so you can change the sound and tone of your recordings. Some field mixers will allow you to do this right when you are filming, which will make adjusting the audio in postproduction easier.

How audio work

Audio equipment will help you capture and record audio. Whether it is voices from the actors, a performance, ambient sounds, or even the everyday sounds created from a foley team, you have to make sure that you have the best audio quality. Different items will work for different needs. For example, you need to have microphones, such as boom mics, when you are recording voices. You need to have mixers when you are trying to get the audio levels to be just right.

About audio

When you are making a film, audio is an extremely important element. In fact, many viewers will forgive some video problems, but they will be very harsh against the film if they can’t hear what is happening in the movie. Therefore, you need to make sure you have all of the right audio gear to give yourself the best possible sound for your movie. This is true when you are in the field, as well as when you are editing in postproduction. Consider some of the different types of audio elements you will need.

Audio Manufacturers

  • Harrison
  • Audio Technica
  • RODE

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