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Camera Control Units

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Camera Control Unit Description

If you are in need of a camera control unit, you need to make sure that the one you rent or lease is right for your project. If you are filming a live event, whether it is a special event, a concert, or sports game, then you need to make sure that you have the right unit. Know the number of cameras you will have going at one time, and know how many you will be able to connect to an individual unit. Typically, you will be able to connect four cameras. In addition, think about the other elements you may have to rent or lease with the unit, such as monitors, so you can see what’s happening with each of the cameras.

Features of camera control units

Different camera control units range in complexity and the things they are able to do. However, you will find that there are a number of adjustable elements common to many of the different units. These include things such as adjusting the iris and the color temperature filters, as well as the neutral density filter. They can choose black level trim, gain trim, and master gain. Some have preset features that you can use to change the settings on a camera quickly.

How camera control units work

camera control units rentalThe camera control unit will have connections for a number of cameras, and it will connect to monitors, so the users can see what’s happening with each of the cameras. They will then be able to adjust the controls on the unit to change the settings on the camera, allowing for remote operation of many parts of the camera.

About camera control units

A camera control unit is a major element in live television production, and it makes controlling what actually happens with the cameras attached to the unit simple. When you attach multiple cameras, it will be possible to match them, which means they will all be using the same color balance and intensity. This is more efficient and more accurate than having individual camera operators doing it. The camera operators will not have to worry about adjusting the iris either, since you can do this from the control unit. This leaves the operators to handle some of the more artistic aspects, such as blocking shots and proper image composition.

Camera Control Unit Applications

  • Live television
  • News studios
  • Sporting events

Camera Control Unit Manufacturers

  • Sony
  • Nikon
  • Optronics

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