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Camera Support And Stabilizers

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Camera Support and Stabilizer Description

When filming a movie, documentary, TV show, or even a home movie, it is readily apparent when you have not used a stabilizer or any type of camera support. This results in shaky footage that is difficult, if not impossible, to watch. Even properties that have a handheld look to them use of camera support and stabilizers to ensure the footage does not have too much shake to it.

Simple stabilizers will provide you with much better video footage, and they are considered an essential piece of equipment for filmmakers of all levels. They can provide a smooth, gliding look that is highly sought after, and they tend to be relatively easy to use.

Even though it may take some time to become acquainted with the various types of stabilization and support equipment for different cameras, most will be able to use them with very little trouble.

Features of camera support and stabilizers

There are a number of different types of camera support and stabilizers available today, and they can be used for very different results. The camera sliders are a good option when you need to have a camera move from one area to another on a smooth surface. There are many different types of camera sliders today that can keep the movement steady and stable. Some are manual, while others are automated and programmable.

Body stabilizers are another option. These are a good solution for those who have heavy camera rigs and would not be able to hold them steadily without a good method of support. These are similar harnesses that go on the body and over the shoulders. The camera attaches to the rig, which allows you to stabilize the footage.

Handheld camera stabilizers are another option. These can be good for shooting films as well as run and gun style documentaries. Whether you are filming a training video for work, on independent film, a video for a band, a documentary, or anything else, having the right equipment is vital.

Camera Support and Stabilizer Applications

When you choose the camera support and stabilizers, make sure that you think about the different types of shots you’re going to need for your film. You might find you need to have more than one type of stabilizer to get the job done properly.

Camera Support and Stabilizer Manufacturers

Some of the popular options when it comes to manufacturers include Steadicam, Roxant, Adorama, Trost, and Glidecam.

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