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Cable Reel Roller Description

One of the first things you need to consider when you are choosing a cable reel roller is what size would work best for your needs. The units tend to have different limits when it comes to the amount of cable they can hold. Make sure the roller you choose will work for your application. For example, some might have a load capacity of 20,000lbs, while you might need a larger option that has a load capacity of 80,000lbs.

Some of the other elements you will want to consider when you are choosing a cable reel roller include the spool size range, the torque, the rotation speed, and the power requirements. Consider the actual weight of the spools, as well. You might need to have specialized equipment to haul it and get it into place.

Think about where you will be using the machine, and whether there are any height limitations. Many of the options have a relatively low profile, but some of the larger cable reel rollers are quite large.

In addition to renting the cable reel roller, you might also need to consider one of the pulling units. Make sure you have everything you need to get started.

Features of cable reel rollers

There are many sizes and options available, and most of them tend to work similarly. However, some of the larger options will have a few more features. Some of the cable reel rollers are still hand-operated spools, but there are plenty more sophisticated choices with electronic controls today, as well. These are often utilized by utility companies.

While they tend to be quite easy to operate, there is an element of danger to many of these cable reel rollers. Body parts, such as hands can get caught if proper caution is not taken around these machines, so always be careful when operating.

About cable reel rollers

Those who are in the power utility field tend to utilize a large amount of cable. The cable can quickly become unwieldy, but cable reel rollers help to keep the cable organized. The rollers can be used for payout, unwinding, and to take-up of heavy cables. They speed up and simplify the use of cable, and many times, they are attached to pulling units, since the cable itself tends to be so heavy.

Cable Reel Roller Manufacturers

Some of the companies making these cable reel rollers today include LJ Welding Automation, WCT Products, and Spool Master.

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