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Tracked Bucket Truck Description

When work needs to be completed high above the ground or an inaccessible area, bucket trucks provide an elevated platform, also known as a bucket, for workers to safely complete tasks. When those projects are located off-road and on hazardous terrain, few pieces of machinery can get the job done like a tracked bucket truck.
Snow, ice, mud, swamps— tracked bucket trucks can handle ground conditions normal trucks can’t. These versatile machines are perfect for projects such as tree trimming, power line work, and rural construction.
Don’t worry about your trucks getting stuck in mud or building makeshift roads—rent or invest in a tracked bucket truck and save money.

Features of tracked bucket trucks

When trying to decide which bucket truck is best for the work that you need to be completed, you’ll want to consider a number of factors including platform height, side reach, weight capacity, fuel type, driveline, and transmission.

How tracked bucket trucks work

A bucket truck’s main function is the extendable boom that lifts workers both high above the ground and side to side. This way you can reach those odd and difficult areas where work needs to be completed. They come in a variety of lengths and at the end of the boom is a bucket where one or more person can work safely. The bucket itself is often equipped with outlets and power tools.
What makes these trucks exceptionally controllable is their tracked wheels. By running on a continuous band of tracks, the vehicle’s weight is more evenly distributed than regular trucks, allowing them to travel on soft, uneven ground without getting stuck or losing balance.
Many bucket trucks come with powerful legs that are utilized when the boom is in use. These legs ensure maximum balance and safety

Tracked Bucket Truck Manufacturers

Altec Inc

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