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Trencher Description

When you are renting a trencher, you need to make sure that you are finding one that is right for your particular application. If you are only laying some pipe in the backyard, you might only need a small and portable trencher. If you are laying a lot of cable for a telecommunications company, you will need a lager machine. Consider the other features that the trencher is able to offer as well, so you can be sure that it suits your needs and the scope of your job.

Features of trenchers

trencher rentalsThe trencher will have some type of method or movement. It could be on wheels or on tracks. Sometimes, the operator will be behind the trencher and will actually push the machine. This is the case with the smaller machines. Other times, the operator will be on a seat or inside of a cab of the trencher. The machine features a blade, which it uses to dig the trench into the earth. They also have a set of controls on them, but these controls are going to differ based on the size and the type of trencher you choose for the job.

How trenchers work

The trencher features a bladed wheel at the front. Depending on the type of trencher it is, the shape of the wheel and blade can vary quite a bit. Some look similar to a chainsaw and others look like a gigantic saw blade. The blade will dig down into the ground and will create a furrow, or trench, where workers will then be able to lay the cable or pipe.

About trenchers

A trencher is a type of construction equipment primarily used to dig ditches or trenches. The most common use for this type of machine is to help lay cables and pipes. The trenchers can vary quite a bit in their size and style. Some of the units are small enough that you can work behind them and move them forward. Others will need to be attached to a tractor or a skidder. Of course, there are also some much larger varieties available, which have their own tracks and which you can drive.

Trencher Applications

  • Construction
  • Power and utilities
  • Water lines
  • Cable lines
  • Telecommunication

Trencher Manufacturers

  • Ditch Witch
  • Tesmec
  • Vermeer
  • Digga
  • Marais

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