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Articulated Arm Description

With some of the measurement and analysis devices used in the past, it could be difficult to get exact measurements when working with oddly shaped objects. In the 1970s, the early articulated arms proved to be a way around these problems, and they continue to help researchers and professionals in a variety of industries who are in need of more accurate measurements. They were originally made to help the bend geometry of a tube that had been bent.

The device makes it far faster and easier to get these measurements. Without an articulated arm that could help take the measurements, they would have to rely on measuring lengths and angles, where the results may not always be 100% accurate. Today, it is often used as a solution for a variety of metrology applications. Of course, with metrology being the scientific study of measurement, accuracy is essential.

Features of articulated arms

The arms are portable, which has been a huge convenience for those in the metrology community. It is possible to take the arm to many different areas to get accurate measurements for many different types of objects, including large objects such as cars and airplanes. It is far easier to take the arm to these locations than to bring the object to an area where it can be measured.

Most of the arms available are manual devices, which means you will need to operate the arm rather than having a computer do it for you.

When it comes time to choose the articulated arms that you want to rent, you should consider the relative size of the objects that you plan to measure so you can be sure the arm you choose will be large enough. In addition, you may want to check out the basics of operating the arm before renting. While they are not too difficult to use, there may be some differences in operation between the various manufacturers that offer these articulated arms.

Articulated Arm Manufacturers

Some of the companies that make these arms today include Faro, Hexagon Metrology, MCAx, and Nikon Metrology.

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