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Slit Lamp Description

Slit lamps are known for their special illumination, which is one of the biggest and most important features of this device. Slit lamps propose either tower illumination or integrated illumination. Both types may be needed for different kinds of readings. The magnification power of slit lamps is at least 20x, with up to 40x magnification available. Most ophthalmologists start out with the broadest scope of the eye, slowly increasing the magnification to focus in on one spot.

Features of slit lamps

Slit lamps come with the ability to filter different settings out, including density, heat, and colors. The width and length can be adjusted to best match the area of the cornea that needs to be measured. Another important feature of the slit lamp is its light source, and there are a variety of ways that this can be achieved, Typically, slit lamps feature LED illumination or a halogen light. 

How slit lamps work

Slit lamps are an essential part of the eye exam process, as they can help to determine if there are any abnormalities, medical detections, or diseases throughout the eye. Slit lamps use a high-intensity light to get a close look at the eyes and are intended for medical purposes only. This beam of light focuses into a smaller beam, which can significantly magnify and illuminate an area. The structures of the eye become fully visible to the examiner in a way that can’t be seen through the naked eye. Then, the examiner will use other tools to assist with and record any data that is retrieved by looking through the slit lamps. Most eye exams include the common use of a slit lamp, which can help the patient determine the health and condition of their eyes. 

About slit lamps

Slit lamps are specially made to help detect diseases or abnormalities in the eye. This is one of the ophthalmologist’s most useful machines, as it can create a powerful tool that can detect diseases by helping the examiner look straight at them. This type of lamp and light source is unique to the eye, and the light usually penetrates through the cornea. The examiner may use eyedrops and a microscope to assist in the detection of abnormalities through the eye. 

Slit Lamp Manufacturers

  • Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
  • Haag-Streit USA, Inc.
  • Keeler Instruments, Inc.
  • Kowa Optimed, Inc.
  • Lumenis Vision
  • Marco
  • And many more 

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