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OTDR Description

If you are in the telecom field, and you need to make sure that your network is running smoothly, you need to have the right tools on your side. An ODTR is a great option, but you need to consider several things when you are choosing one of these items. You need to make sure the device you are renting is accurate. Check the veracity of the manufacturer and reviews on the item to be sure. Also, check the measurement range that the device is capable of offering to make sure it will work with your needs. Also, determine whether you need a full feature ODTR or a smaller handheld ODTR.

Features of otdrs

The main features and components in the OTDR include a bidirectional coupler, a pulsed laser, and a detector. These are all hidden within the housing. The device features a large screen that contains the readouts to determine the quality and “health” of the fiber optic cable. Some of the units have all analog controls, and others have a combination of analog and touch screen controls. Controls on most of the devices are simple enough to use, but only for those who understand how to use the machines. They are very specialized.

How otdrs work

OTDR rentalsThe device sends out a number of optical pulses into a fiber cable that it is testing. It picks up on the scattered light that comes from the fiber, and they use this information to characterize the fiber. It allows them to see if there is something wrong with the cable and whether it needs replacement. It also allows them to see whether they have any issues right after the initial installation.

About otdrs

An OTDR, or Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, is an important tool when it comes to the telecommunications field. The primary use of this tool is to allow companies to certify how well their fiber optic links are operating. Whether you are testing brand new lines and links to see how well they work, they are great for maintenance and detecting when problems arise. Having a high quality network infrastructure is essential for any telecommunications company, so these tools are ideal for installers, as well as contractors.

OTDR Applications

  • New installations
  • Maintenance

OTDR Manufacturers

  • EXFO
  • JDSU
  • Photon Kinetics

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